updated 2021
Gonk Prussian: #143E56
Gonk Puce: #C65362
Gonk Pine: #20B682
Gonk Piss: #FFBF3F
Gonk Pewter: #A6A8A6
Gonk Pitch: #262D2D

Use Prussian as the majority colour in most designs. For the Gonkstock headline or event names, write Gonkstock in Puce, and the date tag in Pine, eg:


The headline can also be rendered in Pewter for black and white compatibility.

For the headline, use Montserrat bold or extra-bold italic. Body text is written in lighter weights of Montserrat without italics. Don't use intermediate weights (eg. 400 & 500) in the same design. Write Gonkstock in sentence case unless writing the headline or the name of a specific event.

The headline can be dropped onto two lines where horizontal space is at a premium:

Playfair Display can be used in select cases, eg. lineup posters.